self portrait

Hey all. I am Donald Guy, currently a student of Mrs. Lori Molodow's AP English Literature and Composition class of Ocean Lakes High School. For those of you not "in the know", that places me as a SENIOR. As far as being an English student goes, I am pretty decent. I have been told that I am a "natural-born" writer, that most of what I have written is pretty good. I was English student of the year in 6th grade and have received other compliments ever since. Overall, I read rather quickly, can perform good analysis, and usually have a good grasp on language. My weaknesses tend to be a result of over-thinking things, making them harder than they are, or leaving them late. An excellent example is the fact that, after spending hours to build this unnecessary website, I finally addrf the graded content at 1:34am the day it was due, than spent another 4 hours several months latter overhauling it internally such that it appears exactly the same, but I can actually add other content, when I probably could have just made a wiki and reinserted all the info in half that time. I also have motor disgraphia, so sometimes the physical act of writing can be a painful weakness.

I love to read both Fiction and Nonfiction. I am a fan of post-modernism. My favorite novel(s) is the Illuminatus! Trilogy book cover (ISBN 0-440-53981-1) which I love both for its diverse but related topics and its disconnected, chaotic, psychedelic narrative. I forewarn, however, that it contains several scenes that would most definitely not be considered "school appropriate". In the realm of nonfiction I lack to read many things; from philosophy to biography, especially focusing on the study of varying theologies, mathematics, and computer science.

In any case, I hope you enjoy this site that I've worked so hard on: