The Aftermath

(a conversion of a news story about hurricane damage to a poem)

(The story was titled "Florida Residents Line Up for Food, Water" it can be found in Associated Press Archives)

There are things that we want
There are things that we need
We take some for granted
But without them we see
That having no food,
No water, no home
Will make you feel sadder
Than you've ever known

In the south of our country
There's a great big state
It's sunny, it's warm
Often it's great
It still isn't too bad
But could've done sin
Las tormentas: Ivan,
Charley, Frances, y Jeanne

So there are now tears
But hardly a smile
The people, they line up
For o'er half a mile
They just want some food,
Some water, some power
But for a gen-er-a-tor
They'd wait four hours

But consider they're lucky
Their problems aside
For in Jeanne alone
Six people died
2.3 million
Were left in the dark
Left to see only
By a candle's spark

But now the Feds
Have finally arrived
The help is now starting
For those still alive
And now that it all
Has come to its end
We see the pain's over
The healing now begins.