Looking over my ninth grade writings, there is definitely visible improvement. My basic impression looking over my ninth grade writings is a simplicity of style that, at the time, I thought was good, but does not gel with my current styles. If you looked over some of the papers for ninth grade I didn't put up on the site, you would see that when I discussed my own writing I discussed the way I liked to unidraft and not do many revisions. At the time, I put this down as a quality of creative ability, being a partially self-proclaimed "natural writer." Though I am still accustomed to some of these habits, I know think more about what I am writing before putting it in ink. My writing has gained dimensions of complexity in thought and expression that simply don't appear in these earlier writings. I do, however, feel like at this earlier point in my life, I may have been "more creative": I think that I know have a harder time coming up with things to write about and often agonize over the expression of something rather than being able to simply spout out ideas in a few minutes. I also think my ability to write poetry has been hampered by this shift from creativity to sophistication which is sort of unfortunate because I used to really enjoy writing poetry often, but I now only do it occasionally and works often languish in thoughts on symbolism and such, not reaching completion before they are brushed aside to go onto a more pressing task.