The early writings of my senior year are hard to analyze. This may be simply because they are still to close to be judged impartially. If I have to try to characterize them I'd say that generally they show some loosening of the formalism picked up in AP 11, but it is still evident in many places. Overall, I think that I can now strike a happy balance of the elements of creativity and sophistication. This is great because, when combined, the two are very powerful.

The college essay process did teach me something about the way I still write-- I am extremely verbose. Perhaps this is a flaw. In most, cases, however I don't use a lot of extra words, just a lot of words in general. This is a huge problem when I have artificially imposed length limits because usually I am loathe to remove any of it. Still, the process helped me see that despite my feelings, some things usually can be safely lost without hurting the overall meaning. In any case, though sometimes with the help of other editors, I managed to cut them all down to size eventually; I must have done a pretty good job of it because I got into all three of my Early Acceptance Schools: Georgia Tech, Caltech, and MIT!!